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Definition and Benefits of Google Pagerank

Google pagerank is calculated from 0-10. The higher the page rank. The more popular the site is also search engine pages. Here is a opinion from google About Google PageRank : "When Google was founded, one key innovation was PageRank, a Technology That determined the" importance "of a webpage by looking at what other pages link to it, as well as other data."

Definition and Benefits of Google Pagerank | Sharing SEO
Google Pagerank
Blogs that have a high google pagerank will usually get a better position posted on the search engines compared with the blogs that have a low google pagerank. Google Pagerank also considers the importance of each page that determines the choice, as long as the choice of some pages are considered to have a more important value, so that the linked page has a value that is much more meaningful. Important pages will receive a higher PageRank and appear at the top of the search results.

There are many ways to use the Google search engine in determining the ranking of a web. As the use of Meta Tags (read : Tips And Install The Meta Tag For Your Blog), emphasis on the content or unique content, inbound links/Internal Link (read : Tips Using Internal Link's Techniques), On Page techniques (read : Tips Using the On Page SEO Techniques), Off Page techniques (read : Tips Using the Off Page SEO Techniques), and the other techniques. Link popularity is a technique developed to correct deficiencies in the technical Meta Tags (Meta Keywords, Meta Description - read : Tips To Install Meta Tag Description And Keywords) that can be rigged by designing a special page to search engines so-called doorway pages.

Page rank has a similar concept of link popularity, but not only consider the "amount" of inbound and outbound links only. But also assess the quality of links pointing to that site. For example the A site in the link by a site with a google pagerank of 2 and site B linked by two sites with google pagerank of 1. So sites that get great results is the site A. And so on.

Hopefully this article increase your knowledge about google pagerank, for the next post I will be sharing tips, tutorials, and more about how to get Google Pagerank.

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