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Tips Using Internal Link's Techniques

Techniques of internal links (read: Using Internal Link Optimization SEO) is very important for the improvement of using the on page optimization blog seo (read: Tips Using the On Page SEO Techniques), then how to tips on using the techniques of good internal links? I will be sharing how to install an internal link technique is good and right. Because the internal links are good and true will accelerate our blog articles indexed by google.

Tips Using Internal Links Techniques

If an internal link leads to the main page so that you can use code as follows:
<a href="/">Home</a>

By default the writing of the link is as follows :
<a href="">Optimization Using Internal Link (ANCHOR TEKS)</a>

The code above is writing a standard internal links, but I think writing a good internal links are as follows:
<a href="/2011/08/optimization-using-internal-link.html">Optimization Using Internal Link (ANCHOR TEKS)</a>

Look at differences in the code, the link that was originally like changed to /2011/08/optimization-using-internal-link.html. It is intended if you change your domain then you will not be hard to change the structure of internal links in every post of your blog.

Need to remember to do these tips you need to edit it in EDIT HTML, and do not re-edit it on the form COMPOSE, Because it will change the structure of links that we just created in the EDIT HTML. So, edit the first post in the COMPOSE your blog and then to edit the internal links done in EDIT HTML form and after all just finished your article is published.


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