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About The Minor and Major Updates by Google Pagerank

In the my previous post, I have sharing about definition and benefits of getting google pagerank (read: Definition and Benefits of Google Pagerank). Ok, Google pagerank update regularly and within a certain period. The point here, Google will update its schedule, for example every 3 months. However, after launching Google Panda's Algorithm (read : Google Panda's Algorithm Latest From Google) , google to update at any time and could have been any one day a week.

About The Minor and Major Updates by Google Pagerank | Sharing SEO
You need to know, that there are two versions of google pagerank update to our blog, which updates the minor and major updates. Minor update on google pagerank done for those who have a high pagerank and some also occur for those who have blogs that have long life. This minor update is usually monitored most often by google, google can monitor their blogs every week even faster.

Pagerank update is major is the opposite of minor pagerank update. Major update is a massive update pagerank google conducted on all the blogs in the world, Good new blog and old blog. Usually google update google pageranknya be done if there are major changes in the calculation of the algorithm because of the possibility coupled with new factors.

Google major update done sometimes it is rapid and there is a long time, but when seen its average can be done google major update once a month.

Hopefully this information is useful to you, if there is additional please give your feedback via the comments form below.

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