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Tips Using The Off Page SEO Techniques

In my previous posts, I've shared article about tips on page seo optimization on a blog (read : Tips Using the On Page SEO Techniques) and the benefits of on page SEO (read : Benefit of On-Page SEO Techniques for Your Website), For this time, I want to discuss about tips using the off page SEO techniques.
 Tips Using The Off Page SEO Techniques | Sharing SEO
To apply the technique of SEO is arguably easy - easy to hard, because it involves an outside party that is out there. The point is to get backlinks, ie links from other websites to our website (read : Kinds of Backlinks In The Blogging World). Therefore, a relation or networking with others is very important netter built well for long-term goals, do not ever let your blog friends.

Okay, back to this post, here are some tips to use off page SEO techniques :

1. Registering Your Blog to Search Engines
This is the first and most important step you should do before the technique is off page seo. You can register your blog to several popular search engines are often used by Internet users, for example:

2. Registering Your Blog to The Web Directories
Register our blog to blog directories that have a high PageRank is a fairly effective way. That's because our blog which has a low PageRank will get quality backlinks from web directories. There are many web services provider directory is ,, etc.

3. Perform Regular PING
Ping is a service where the search engines will know of a blog and publish it. Perform regular Ping is one of Off Page SEO tricks especially if your blog is on hosting that uses the New IP, of the process is very important so that search engines can more quickly recognize our blog. Ping services are quite popular is,,, etc.

4. Promote Your Website On Free Classified Ads
This step is a step that is quite simple and easy to do. We all know that the ads are a much visited website, has a lot of content (content) and even every minute or second of the contents of the classified ads as a result of alternating number of people who advertise there. Because of this fact, then the search engine robots are very pleased to come to form classified ads website.

We know that food from the search engines is: content. Especially is frequently updated content. Therefore search engines are very pleased with the website that has lots of updated content that diligent. For example: classifieds website, blog, etc. That's why the blog - an avid blog updated very popular with search engines, especially since blogs are very easy to be updated. Here are some web ads that you can use: VivaLog (read: Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Vlog),, etc.

5. Active In Groups And Forums
Ahat are the advantages when we are active in the forums or groups associated with our blog? Yes, we can provide a link (One the way) with a signature that we put every one of us posting an article on the forums or blogs. So you will get more traffic from visitors to the forum or group to visit your blog.

6. Take Advantage of Social Networking Sites For The Promotion
As we know, by promoting our latest article on the social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc. will provide additional traffic to our blog. In addition, because these social networking sites pagerank automated high pagerank blog because we can lift the backlink.

7. Commenting on Your Friend's blog
This way of off page seo blog gives a distinct advantage if our friend is a dofollow blog that automatically when we commented on the blog we will get a quality backlink. You can do blog walking (Activities of visiting other people's blogs and comment) this blog is similar to the field with your website. If you find a blog that a plot of the effect will be better, but if you do not find many similar blogs, the blogs with high pagerank is very good for you to comment there (read: The benefits of backlinks when doing blogwalking).

And many more tips that you can use to otimasi blog with off page seo techniques such as by connecting with video blogs, bookmarks, etc. So keep updating this blog to see further developments in optimization SEO blog.


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