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Tips To Install Meta Tag Description And Keywords

In the my previous post, I was sharing how I've put up a good meta tag to your blog using the blog title and the post titles of your blog (read: Install The Meta Tags For Your Blog). For this post, I will be sharing tips about installing the meta tags in your blog.

Previously you have to understand the difference from the meta tag description and meta tag keywords, the difference is:
Meta Tag Description
Tips To Install Meta Tag Description And Keywords | Sharing SEO
Meta Description
Meta description tag is used to provide a general overview of the contents of your web page. Recommended size of not more than 200 characters. And see to it that this description could be sentences that are located at the start page web page in question. Some search engines like Northern Light, and Google does not use meta description tags as search results. They use is the initial sentences that exist on the page. That is why I recommend that you use the contents of the meta description tag as the opening sentence. And if the very beginning of your web in the form of a menu on your blog.

Tips To Install Meta Tag Description And Keywords | Sharing SEO
Meta Tag Keyword
Meta tag keywords are very important because determining what keywords to find the web page on search engines. The purpose of the comma that these keywords are easier to read. Noteworthy here is do not repeat a word more than 3 times, because it will be considered spamming. Equally important are the keywords do not make the keywords that have nothing to do with the content of your web page. It also will be considered spamming. Suppose your website contains information about "SEO and Blog", do not ever add "music" or "Peter Pan" as a keyword keywords just because this is a favorite on the internet keyword and sought after by visitors.

The following are tips-tips you can use to install the Meta tag keywords and description in your blog. To add meta tag keywords and description should not be arbitrary, and must comply with your blog. Here are tips on writing meta tag keywords and description
  • Do not add keywords that do not correspond with the content you post.
  • Do not reset a single word up to 3 times a keyword determination. To each keyword, separate them with commas (,) to facilitate the search engines differentiate.
  • We recommend that you write meta descriptions for less than 200 characters.

For good or bad check meta tag that you wear, you can check it in the Meta Tag Analyzer Tools.

Hopefully this article useful to you, do not forget to give comment.

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