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Others Tips Using the On Page SEO Techniques

In my previous post, I talked about a few tips on using On page SEO (read : Tips Use the On Page SEO Techniques). Apparently there are even many other tips that can be used in using this technique on page SEO.
Others Tips Using the On Page SEO Techniques | Sharing SEO

1. Domain Name Your Blog
The point here is to commercialize our blog domain name according to themes or keywords that often / always appear on our blog. That's because when the keyword is searched on google search engine then your blog is a big chance at the very top of Google SERP.

eg : -> "With the theme of a blog about seo tips"

2. Using Heading Tag H1 for Title Blog and Post Title
As we know the sequence determines the heading tags is more important when google index. heading tags will begin dai menenelusuri h1 to h6. It can be used to strengthen our posts directly in google. The trick is to give the h1 tag for the post title (read : Manipulation Heading Tags For Your Blog).

3. Internal Linking
The point here is to insert a link on another article that the article related to the article being read on a blog. In the use of this technique needs to be done is how we maximize the function of the Anchor Text of the link. Use of Anchor Text "(read: Manipulation Heading Tags For Your Blog)" is better than using the Anchor Text "Click Here".

4. Mark Your Keyword
If we want to strengthen a keyword in an article, then use text bold, italic text, or underline text. It proved to reinforce the keywords in the Google search page. Especially for this try not to use it excessively, it can cause google consider your article as Spam article (read : Google Algorithm Panda Latest From Google).

5. Using The alt and title Attributes on Images
Sometimes miss a lot of trivial things, the use of alt tags and title on the script image is important. Just imagine, if someone is looking for an image of the "independent of Indonesia", then when our blog using alt="Indonesia of independent" title="Indonesia of independence" then the chance of the image appears on the first page of google search, will certainly increase traffic to our blog .

6. Using Breadcrumb Navigation and Related Post

Function if we installer the Breadcrumb Navigation and Related Post so that visitors feel at home in our blog. If you interested to see a tutorial on How to Installer Breadcrumb Navigation On Blogspot and for Related Post please see the tutorial How Installer Related Post With scrool Function.

And many more using the on page seo tips, please visit this blog continues to await the development of the next update on the blog SEO Tips.


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