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Hide The Address of a Google Sitelink of Our Blog

On my previous post about the new look has been sharing google sitelink (read: New Interface of Google Sitelink) and tips to get google sitelink (read: Tips To Get Google Sitelink). Ok, for the post this time I will be sharing about the latest tools in google webmasters to hide a sitelink address that does not want to appear on search engines.
Hide The Address of a Google Sitelink of Our Blog | Sharing SEO
Google Sitelink

We can use the facility "Demote sitelink" in google webmasters tools to hide a sitelink address our blog. demote sitelink This is the same facility "Block Sitelink" that existed at the old google webmasters tools. Keep in mind, demote sitelink sitelink just hide that you do not want to appear on search engines due to irrelevant factors, and everything.

Now, we just learn to apply it.
1. Please go to Google Webmaster Tools
2. Open the Site Configuration, Click Sitelinks.
3. After that there are 2 options:
  • The first column (For this search result). For example, then the contents of the first column with forum.php
  • For the second column (Demote the URL sitelink) Enter the full URL that you want to demote sitelink / block.
  • Then please click the Demote.
4. List of URLs that you demote will appear below. If you want to bring it back to the sitelink you, simply click Remove Demotion to the right.

Hopefully this article useful to you, dont forget to comments.

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