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Optimization SEO Using Internal Link

In previous posts I've been sharing tips about Using the On Page SEO Techniques (read: Tips Use the On Page SEO Techniques) which are included on the post of the tips is to use the internal link on our blog.

Optimization Using Internal Link | Sharing SEO
Internal Link
Maybe, most bloggers forget about function of the optimization using this link, they prefer the name to link exchange, or get backlinks from other people's blogs. However, specific to internal links can make your blog ranked by google "up", because if we use the internal links on this concept we can hook up an old article to publish a new article, so long aertikel been read and get more traffic from blog visitors us.

As for the understanding of the internal links are links that point to a blog in the blog, the links that lead from one article to another article in the same blog, and link in one article leads to the article itself.

Way that can be done in the application of this optimization use the internal link is to insert another article related to our old articles. You can see on this blog article, every new article I insert a long article dealing with the new article. That is one example of the application using optimization techniques using internal links. Surely a way that had a manually created with a specific purpose, so we must be resourceful in determining the exact anchor text on internal links that we provide to our blog readers.

There are two advantages for you, if you make an internal link manually :
  • You can select the articles that will be displayed (not just the latest articles), for example, the article you jagokan to attract readers, so the article you have chosen will become more qualified.
  • You can make the link name as you like do not like the recent posts widget that automatically use the article title as the link name (Anchor Text).

Ok, if we use a technique previously manually using the concept of internal link optimization, here are some widgets that support the implementation of the concept of optimization using internal links include:

Ok, there are many more ways you can do in implementing the internal optimization of this link, for the next post, Insya Allah I will post about the application of SEO techniques using exsternal link.


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