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A Slow Update Problem of Our Blog by Google Cache

Google Cache is the cached copy or copies of web pages web taken by Google in Web search process (Search engine spider bots crawling). A copy of this web will then be stored in a data center of Google Cache. This is the Google Cache as Google archives to trace back the web pages and used in the search process in its search engine. So in summary, Google is an enormous library that contains a lot of cached web pages.
A Slow Update Problem of Our Blog by Google Cache | Sharing SEO

If you already know what it is Googlebots (read: Importance Of Googlebot for Your Blog), then you feel that there is not an problem that appears when Google launched the Google Panda's Algorithm ? (Read: Google Panda's Algorithm Latest From Google). Yes, I feel google cache is currently very slow after update google has been released Google Panda's Algorithm.

Usually, if you post an article on your blog it will update the article itself quickly and in a matter of minutes, but not to the Google Panda's Algorithm today, we publish articles that require longer periods of time up to 3 days more for readability by search engines like google.

A Slow Update Problem of Our Blog by Google Cache | Sharing SEO
Another fact, if I do a cache of my post, there should at google read my post last time. Then I change the content of my post and check out the article a day after that, but it's different with my previous predictions, when it should just change the articles I've read by google but it turns out the article is still with the look of the old google cahce. And I wait until the article was read by google, until finally the article is only changed after I waited about 2 weeks after the article was in publishing or revamped.

I've been trying to find a solution, but until now still not getting the solution. If you know what causes the slow access google cache today, then please let me know in the comment form below this post, hopefully this article useful to you.

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