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Calling The Google Bot Access To Your Blog, Right Now !

The position of our blog may not be able to penetrate the pages and ranks first in google when our blog is visited by google, then how frequently our blogs to visit our blog google rankings despite not even be ranked first? If our blog frequently visit by google automatically be familiar and famous by google. so, likely will rise to the first rank to our blog.

Google what we mean by the task of visiting on our blog is called Googlebot (read: Importance Of Googlebot for Your Blog). Googlebot is very much anticipated. Why? Because the googlebot comes to index your article. And of course after that your article will go on google search engine page, then your blog will open up opportunities in the first page of google SERP.

Calling The Google Bot Access To Your Blog, Right Now ! | Sharing SEO
Google Bots Access
If the my previous post I discussed about A Slow Update Problem of Our Blog by Google Cache (read: A Slow Update Problem of Our Blog by the Google cache) due to the slow access of the googlebot, then I think this is one solution to make your blog indexed faster by google. In this tutorial, you use the facilities which provide Google webmaster tools. Keep in mind, not too often summon googlebot into your blog, if you are too often called googlebot to your blog then your blog will be exposed to effect google panda.

Ok, let's see the tutorial called googlebot into your blog:
  1. Log in to Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Click the address of your blog.
  3. On the left sidebar select the Lab and then click Download As Googlebot
  4. You can select Web for the general search results or select the type of cell to strengthen the position on google mobile.
  5. then you press the click TAKE
  6. If successful it will display a message succes
Hopefully this article useful to you, and be a solution if your blog is very slow in access by google. Do not forget to give your comments about this article.

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