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Importance Of Googlebot for Your Blog

Ok, at first we had a complete post today, I have been talking about Google Panda (Read: Google Algorithm Panda Latest From Google). In my post this time I will explain the importance of the influence googlebot to your blog.

What is GoogleBot
Googlebot is a machine that aims operasin
Importance Of Googlebot  for Your Blog | Sharing SEOal from google to access articles / most recent posts on your blog. Googlebot better known as the robot being sent by Google to retrieve the updated information from your website. website that you make will be in Craw by googlebot, but your site has been indexed by google.

Googlebot crawl is the process of drafting, or google the process of checking the content of your blog / post. Google crawl this process will determine how google give ratings to our blog, which is a pagerank. What is unique is that the googlebot crawl this process, google capable of unique properties (unique site) from our blog, from this would also discovered that its news blog where Copas aka copy and paste, or blogs that really natural, remember google does not like the scraping Content
(Read: Google Algorithm Panda Latest From Google - Google Doesn't Like the Scraping Content).

Distribution Of Googlebot
Freshbot crawl the website and look for fresh content. Freshbot visit the website that high-frequency changes, depending on how frekwebsi change, if the frequency of your website content is high then the Fresh bot will often come to your house, Googlebot just follow the href links and SRC links. always update your website so I'll always be an honored guest in coming to this (Keep in mind if we insert the image do not forget to insert the code "alt" and use the code for the link "title" in it).

Deepbot try to follow every link in a website and download as many pages your website. This process will be completed about once a month. if viewed deepbot only browse with related links. For the backliners will always pay attention to the progress of this blog.

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