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Google Algorithm Panda Latest From Google

So Interesting, in this June google has released the latest google algorithm panda ver 2.2. Of course it makes a lot of users bloggers, SEO experts and others to feel anxious. 

Google Algorithm Panda Latest From GoogleHow not all necessarily think how to compete to be number 1 on google google algorithm update and with this panda will lead to a conflict who gains and who loses, of course, we would not be one that is disadvantaged by this new algorithm.
Some of the information I can after the rounds of blogs SEO experts, there are several factors that cause google to change the algorithm into google panda is ver 2.2, among which: 

- The number of scraping Content  

Scraping Content or better known as the technique to imitate or copy the original posting a blog. Experts webmaster is complaining of this, many of the bloggers who copy other people's work without permission. With the google panda is certainly there would be a better perbaharuan again to clean the google of the plagiarist. 

- Compilation of Data In May Makes Full SERP  

I do not understand about this, but with panda google algorithm change has led some blogs will be subject to the negative impacts. But do not worry, Google will process further and will improve your blog and improve your blog later to return to the SERP that were once very good 

- Fixing Text Hidden 

 Hidden text is a technique that is widely circulated today, hidden text is considered one of the balck hat SEO techniques used by professional SEO and content writers who think hiding the typed text (keyword) by Google users who perched on the top SERP. Well it does not happen now as Google are increasingly wiser and more prudent to get rid of the content published on the web that can interfere with Google's search results. 

I hope this article useful to you,  
and congratulations to be creative

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