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Optimization Blog With Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Do you already know about how to optimize your blog with Social Media Optimization?. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a social activity in the media to attract visitors from social media to read our blog article. to submit articles to multiple social media like facebook, twitter, Google plus (google+), heello, and etc of course you'll gain additional traffic from social media.

Optimization Social Media Optimization (SMO) | Sharing SEO
Submit our blog articles to multiple social media is very easy, it same like when we submit articles to social bookmarking or blogs directory (You can read articles about : Submit Your Blog Articles to Vlog and Submit Your Blog Articles to Plipeo).
By doing our submit articles to social media (Especially for those of you who have a list of friends who are very much in your Social Media) will certainly add to the end of our blog traffic.

If you can combine the techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO Social Media Optimization result would be amazing for your blog. Social media can bring traffic from the millions of users of social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google plus (google+), etc. Although it seems to build links (link building) will be difficult as the web site directories and social bookmarking. Therefore create content and titles of interest, and then shared to facebook, twitter, Google plus (google+) and your other social media that makes people curious and tend to visit your content.

Hopefully this information is useful for you, for more information about tips, tricks and tutorials to optimize your blog with social media we will discuss in my next post. and the end please follow my account :
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