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Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Vlog

Blog traffic is one thing we need to blog, why not, we are of course in doing blogging takes the viewer to read the posts on our blog. There are several things that make our blogs to be swamped with visitors, can blogwalking (Conducted by way of instant) or by utilizing the resilience of our blog article (I mean the end attracted to the article itself ... hehehehhe ...).

Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Vlog | VIVAnews | Khamardos Blog Well, in my post this time I'll share a few tips on how to Increase Blog Traffic Through our Vlog. "Vlog or VIVAlog is a service of platform to share, promote, and increase traffic to your blog the best and most interesting in Indonesia"

How to Submit Articles
First of all you must be registered first as a member VIVAnews, then log in with your Vivanews account.
Click the button with name "Kirim Blog", Then Form will appear as shown below

Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Vlog | VIVAnews | Khamardos Blog

 Fill with the correct form is in accordance with the material from article your blog.

Why Submit Articles To Vlog
Certainly a lot of benefit we will get if we submit our articles to this VivaLog flatform. When our article was accepted for publication immediately posted on our blog Vlog then we'ill get ready to be flooded with traffic. In addition we will get 2x backlinks from Vlog, backlinks Suppose that we obtain from Vlog, 1,000 more will be multiplied by 2 to 2000, wooooww ...


So, why are still confused, prey submit your article

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