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Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Plipeo

In my previous post about increasing traffic to our blog, I've posted about how to increase blog traffic by using the facilities of The Vivanews, Vlog (read: Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Vlog). For the next post, I will be sharing how to increase blog traffic up 200% to our blog using Plipeo.

Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Plipeo | Sharing SEO
There are so many benefits to be gained by using Plipeo, let alone without doing blogwalking, your blog traffic will remain up to be visited by many visitors. With the Motto "Connecting Indonesian Bloggers", making the Plipeo as a facility that connects the bloggers who are in Indonesia in the post and promote his article. In addition, Plipeo is certainly filled with many bloggers in the country (Indonesian) so it will feel much more optimal if the articles are assembled in a third party (Plipeo) using the Indonesian language.

It is most apparent in the use of this facility is plipeo we must install widgets / sidebar which will have articles that have been submitted by a blogger who submits his article in plipeo. The article will appear at random course that will be viewed by visitors to the blog who has installed the widget from plipeo. This reciprocal relationship resemble equally in profitable among plipeo with members.

How to register Plipeo is easy, you also do not require re-verification email to your email, so you do not need a long time to register an account at plipeo. Here are the steps to register, install the widget to plipeo:
  1. Go to, Then click Sign Up
  2. After that, you are requested to fill out the form on the website name, your name, email, and the amount of daily traffic in your blog.
  3. And you've joined the Plipeo. Then please go to Your Widgets Tab.
  4. Now you are asked to set the display, many posts, the model and also the appropriate category of blogs to appear in the sidebar of your blog. Please edit yourself as needed for your blog.
  5. When finished editing the widget to be installed in your blog, on the right there is a form widget code, copy and paste the code into your blog sidebar (From the Dashboard -> Templates -> Add a Widget -> HTML And Javascript "Paste the code before" -> Save widget).

Ok, go to the next stage, to increase the traffic we have to be clever in choosing the appropriate title in order to lure more visitors. Keep in mind, the same as the Vlog (read: Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Vlog) that in submitting an article to Plipeo Plipeo require approval from the Parties. So all the rules, and etiquette you should keep your post to be received for publish to the Plipeo, Here's how to submit articles to Plipeo:
  1. After Login to your Plipeo Account, click the Add Your Posts Tab
  2. See how many lives you can post to plipeo today, if 2 then you can submit 2 articles
  3. After that, on the form URL, enter the url of your posts to the form and click "Fetch Data" then automatically form title and description will be filled in accordance with what is on your blog.
  4. After that fill in the tags (keywords in the tags each separated with a comma (,)), category that suits your article, and an appropriate image url
  5. Then click "Please Submit The Post". After that you just sit and stare until your article accepted to publish by the plipeo.

Special tips on submitting articles to Plipeo, you can see my post on Tips Before Submit Articles To Vlog (read: Solution Before Submit Articles To Vlog). That's because the tips between Vlog and Plipeo not differ much.

Hopefully this article useful, do not forget comment.

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