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Attitude to The Visitors In The Optimization Using SMO

In the my previous post, I was sharing about how to perform Optimization Blog With Social Media Optimization (read: Optimization Blog With Social Media Optimization (SMO)), then for this post I will share whatever attitude you need to do before doing Optimization Blog With Social Media Optimization (SMO).
Attitude to The Visitors In The Optimization Using Social Media Optimization | Sharing SEO
Keep in mind, the most important thing in this technique is the support from your friends at social media accounts belong to you, such as facebook, twitter, google plus (google+), heello, youtube, and etc. If you have many friends or followers on your social media, this would be an advantage for you. That is because the opportunities to get traffic from social media will be wide open.

A case of what I say, Techniques Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) is not much different, you must be clever in choosing the title of a topic that makes your visitors interested to read your blog article.

Attitude to The Visitors In The Optimization Using Social Media Optimization | Sharing SEO
Optimization Blog using Social Media Optimization
The following is the attitude that you should do in building our blog traffic with the Social Media Optimization (SMO) technique :
1. Participate
Social media is an event to socialize with our friends. The main thing you do first is to participate in everything. For example : on the twitter, more people are talking about google plus, so by participating and also post an article on google plus (google+) it will make them interested in reading your article.

2. Be Polite
In the real world or virtual world interaction has ethical, polite, and also being honest. Do not ever lie to your visitors, for example you do a promotion with the title "Tips Get best SERP using this SEO technique" but when clicked on the link, It's not turns leads to the actual article, but it leads to articles that are not desirable end of your blog.

3. Create Quality Content
One thing in social media optimization, you can not near Optimization your sites or blogs that do not have quality articles, made some good content can make visitors look for other content on your blog, this technique can be utilized by using the technique of internal links on blog (read: Tips Using Internal Link's Techniques).

4. Share Content
If you belong in social media have many friends who like the blogging, gossip, and everything. So frequently exchanging content with them. due to exchange content, indirectly if they are happy with the article then they will deploy our article was to his friends the other.

Maybe that's the main attitudes on which to base if you will perform the optimization techniques using Social Media Optimization (SMO), I hope this article useful to you all, and do not forget to give your comments on this post.

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