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Quick Tips To Get Google Sitelink

After the previous post I've talked about google sitelink and update new interface (read : Google Sitelink - New Interface of Google Sitelink), to post on the day of victory this time I want to post tips on how to get google sitelink easily.

Quick Tips To Get Google Sitelink | Sharing SEO
1. Strengthen Keywords (keywords - Brand) Your Blog
The first step we do is strengthen the keyword that you are reinforced in the blog. For example the keyword (brand) of this blog is "Sharing SEO" so I strengthen this keyword. There are different ways how we can strengthen this key word, by inserting the keyword in the post, sidebar, etc. in your blog, it could also commented on the blog your friends as much as possible #(do not do spam) with comments using the NAME / URL, In addition, any use of anchor text in your link exchange blog we also use this keyword.

2. No Broken Link On Your Website
Check your blog template, do not let no broken links, such as errors using HTML tags and CSS and others. If too many broken links try to fix a minimum. Why so? Because I think access is easy and without any interruption in our blog make Googlebot comes to blog continuously. Also try our navigation menu regularly and engundang many bloggers to click on the navigation menu of our blog (read: Check Broken Links On Your Blog).

One factor that may have you know and the main requirement to get sitelink from google is a high traffic blog. The way I did here is with blogs blogwalking to you, while reading, and if necessary, provide comments to the article that we read it. In addition it could also avail the facility of classified ad sites, the point here is to post our article to some of the support site to get traffic from readers of the end of the site, for example I use to connect Vlog facilities and increase traffic to my blog (read: Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Vlog).

4. Improve Quality Content Blog
It is most important, I'm principled on the concept of "Content is the king, and SEO is Queen". Interesting content that would invite more readers or blog visitors that will increase our blog traffic (See point number 3). Update your blog content on a regular basis and make it interesting, if it should Copas please include the source, but my advice is better for our own article because Google (Google Panda's algorithms) hated the name scraping content (read: Google Panda's Algorithm Latest From Google ).

5. Optimization SEO For Your Blog
Then after talking about the content, then we optimization seo blog. In previous posts I've posted anything troubleshooting and optimizing the blog is good (White Hat SEO) to our blog. You can read all articles for the optimization of your blog to continue visiting this blog.

6. Improve Internal Link in Blog
internal link is a link in a blog and still leads to the blog (read : Optimization SEO Using Internal Link). So, Try to build internal links on your blog, how diverse can manually insert the latest postings in your article, or if an automated way by using facilities such as Related Post (read: Installer Related Post With scrool Function), Navigation breadcrumb (read: Installer Breadcrumb Navigation On Blogspot), and other facilities that essentially leads to your article.

Hopefully the above tips useful and could be a solution for all of you to more quickly get google sitelink.

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