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Causes Of Broken Links On Our Blog

In my previous post about the Meaning Error Messages When Accessing the Internet (read: Meaning Error Messages When Accessing the Internet) we already know the one message that appears is Error 404 Not Found. Error 404 Not Found or often also called a broken link is a factor that caused by technical errors in a blog.
Causes Of Broken Links On Our Blog | Sharing SEO
Broken Link Factors

Broken link is defined as a broken link or page not found when we click that link. Will usually appear in the form of information Not Found, Error Not Found, Page Not Found or Error 404 Not Found. Broken link can be either Internal Link (read: Optimization SEO Using Internal Link) or exsternal Link (read: Optimization SEO Using Exsternal Link) on a blog.

So, what are the causes of broken links on our blog?, Here is the cause:
1. Delete Posts/ Categories/ Tags/ Static Page Ever Published
This is one that often happens, the blog author may already to post an article that already publish the article. Because the basic causes the articles that have been already indexed by search engines is removed by the author of the blog, so the link is still indexed, but not detected by a web.

2. External Links are Inserted Was Deleted by The Blog Owner
For example, when you give a link to a page other blog posts (BLOG A) in your post (BLOG B). The term gives a trackback, because of certain considerations, the page (BLOG A) turned out later removed by the owner of the blog (BLOG A). These conditions will cause broken links on your blog (Blog B), especially your post that contains a backlink to the pages that have been removed.

3. External Links Are Inserted Are Inactive or Suspended
In this case if you provide a link to the home page of a blog, it turns out some time later the blog has been inactive, closed, or suspended. This condition will cause broken links on your blog that contains a link to the blog pages, included into the posting page.

4. Not True Pasting the URL in The Blog Section
Intent here is part blog post, sidebar, footer, banners, etc. that linger on the blog. Usually a typo, less one character / specific letters, less a slash, or even less sign of www (for the blog specific). This fact can be minimized by directly copying the page url to be inserted / created the link, and dipaste url directly into the column. Remember, in the provision of good links should be covered with a slash (/) such as : (Using slash in the end URL).

5. Changes to The Blog Permalink Structure.
Be it on our own blog or on another blog permalink, where we never give backlink to one blog post. For example, when we've made ​​a link to a page with the old permalink structure. Well, when the page is changed by the owner permalinknya blogs (with a new structure), then of course we make it a link will be broken links.

6. Our Comment Deleted by The Owner of Dofollow Blogs
Actually this point with point number 2 (External links are inserted was deleted by the blog owner). As we know, dofollow blog will provide a link to our blog, if we have published previously commented on the blog was DoFollow and our comments are deleted by the blog owner will occur, causing broken links.

To check for broken links on your blog, you can read my article on Check Broken Links On Your Blog (read: Check Broken Links On Your Blog). Hopefully this article helpful to the progress of your blog.


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