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Check Broken Links On Your Blog

After we talked earlier about the speed of blog address (read: Check the Speed ​​of Your Blog) certainly related to broken links as well, the point here is that a lot of broken links on our blog will certainly disturb the access speed of our blog as well.

Check Broken Links On Your Blog | Sharing SEO
Broken link on a blog can be caused by many things. Broken link occurs because a link could not be found by Google's robots, may also be because you either write a link, or any other cause because when you give a link to a blog and the blog was deleted (Not Found - read : Meaning Error Messages When Accessing Internet). It could also be due to redirect errors or many other reasons. In essence, the link is not successfully tracked robot (unless you really restrict the robot, such as the use rel nofollow).

How do we check our links on the blog Damage, To check broken links on your blog, you can use various tools such as the following:
# 1 Link Tiger
Link Tiger smart enough to find a broken link. And easily you will get a report via email every time a new link is broken.

# 2 W3C Link Checker
the easiest feature and it gives a complete report of damage links with a variety of reasons.

# 3 Free Link Checker
Help check the damage of internal and external links are also a link in an image.

# 4 Broken Link Checker (Submit Express)
You can check broken on this website, simply complete the reporting form of the solution for you.

# 5 Iwebtools Broken link Checker
Iwebtools serve you by knowing that there are broken links in your blog with a very specific

There are many more places we check broken links on your website / blog, if you have any other tools, please share via the comment form below.


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