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Meaning Error Messages When Accessing Internet

In the previous post (Still in the category of Web information) I've been sharing about the Kinds of Backlinks In The Blogging World (read : Kinds of Backlinks In The Blogging World), associated with that sometimes there are some links that we click irrelevant and therefore problematic for this post I want to share about the issues that often arise when accessing a Website.

Meaning Error Messages When Accessing Internet | Sharing SEO
If a website has error message in your browser, then the browser will display error messages according to error experienced by the website, then what message is conveyed, and what it means? let's refer to my article on the various issues that arise when access to the website:

500 - Internal Server Error
The above error message is defined as a problem or an internal server error in the site so you can not access the site in question, as long as the site administrator has not fix the error message (usually the admin of this website was having maintenance on the blog)

400 - Bad Request
The error message is experienced by a server who can not understand a command from the client. The cause is generally a coding error in the server script, so that only the server administrator who can handle it (So, as a blog user, we must note the code / scripts are our blog, we can not have the slightest error).

404 - Not Found
This may often you come across several blogs, or when accessing the internet. There are several things that cause the appearance of the above error message:

  • The data in the database previously existed, but have been deleted or removed from the database server. The point here, when you create articles and publish to blogs, articles that are already in publishing is removed by the manufacturer, so the article was originally detected there could not be found.
  • Internet access disruption or down (probably due to a slow Internet connection).
  • If Internet access still fails, then chances are that page does not exist (I have already explained in point one, meaning the same)
  • There was an error writing the URL (Remember, the writing of the URL must be exact, one letter, number, or just the wrong word will appear this error message)

408 - Request Timeout
This message has a reason that the timer or the time to access the site had expired. This was caused by speed Internet access is quite slow, and the server usually has a timer or a certain time limit in accessing data in its database.

401 - Unauthorized
The error message means that the user does not have authority or permission to access the web page. Usually the sites are a security username and password, so you must know your username and password that site.

403 - Forbidden
Here it is the core of the problems I experienced. The error message has several reasons, including:

  • Indicates that the page can not be accessed because the site has been set so the server.
  • Owner or owner of the hosting site has not been paying rent to the owner of the company's servers, resulting in blocking of the company's servers.
  • What happened to me here is that we use a modem problem, it turns out the modem IP address problematic so we oblige us to re-install the modem we are (Repeat Install which I mean here is setting up the modem again we start from changing IP address, or anything).

That's the message that appears when an error occurs when we access a blog, I hope the above article useful.


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