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Tips To Reduce The Load On Your Blog

In previous posts we've talked about the importance of quick access to our blog visitors (read: Check the Speed ​​of Your Blog To Improve The Visitor). Quick access to the blog would make your blog visitors feel at home in your blog, on the tips this time I want to share with you how to make your blog templates faster than before.
Tips To Reduce The Load On Your Blog | Sharing SEO
Speed Up Your Blog

There are many tips that have been in the sharing by several masters seo for seo friendly templates, therefore I want to share once more tips you can use to speed up loading access your blog, including:

Avoid Broken Links on Your Blog
As I described in my posting about the problem of broken links which can slow the performance of the blog (read: Check Broken Links On Your Blog Now). Broken links on the blog led to a slow loading blog from the link because the server is not found the cause access to be slow. There are many causes that lead to broken links on your blog, if you want to know please read my article about Causes Of Broken Links On Our Blog and The Solutions.

Upload Your Images Through Google Hosting
As we all know google provides hosting facilities that are not limited for us, therefore we can take advantage of hosting is to display the images on our blog. Usually a lot of hosting the picture through photobucket and TinyPic, you have to remember that the more servers that pass our blog then allows the access speed becomes slow for our blog.

Use Google For Hosting Your Javascript and CSS
Similar to the previous point, we use google to speed up access hosting our blog. Think about it, why you should use an external hosting while you can take advantage of google own internal hosting for your blog templates. To use these points you can use the code below:
<script type='text/javascript'>

Paste Your JavaScript Code Here


The bolded or red text is where you must paste the JavaScript code That you use in your templates by linking to an external site. After finishing the edit, paste the above code before the code above the code </head> in your edit html.

Save All Images In PNG Format
I think by saving images in PNG format to save weight capacity or loading our blog. Moreover, images with PNG format can using with the Transparant image background, which makes us smaller image resolution despite the large size.

Determine The Specific Width and Height of Your Images
Giving each a specific image width and height Will make it easy for the browser to load the image Quickly. Always Decrease the size of an image if the original size is larger. The general HTML code for an image looks like the one below,
<img alt="About image" width=”size” height=”size src=”URL Of Image” />
Please specify the right size for your images, the width and height Will require a value in pixels. One pixel equals a dot on the screen - for example width = "100px" atu can also width = "100"

Limit Excessive Advertising
If your blog is engaged in the business, then you have to think about is not too much to put ads on your blog, it is so clearly aggravate the access speed of our blog. As we know, that most of the code to put an ads on the blog we usually use the javascript code, and if you multiply the use of javascript to your blog will certainly add to the burden of accessing your blog.

Do not Use Widgets From Blog Directories That Use Images
As I said before, that the use of excessive javascript that will slow down access to your blog. today many blog directories that the widget uses javascript and images, and of course this led to our blog proficiency level to gain weight and have a long loading time access to blogs.

Use Readmore Facility, On The Homepage
On a blog that does not use the readmore, if the article is too long we will certainly make us form the heavy homepage page when accessed. Therefore, we can use the readmore to save the location of our blog and of course speed up loading our blog.

There Are Only About 4-6 Articles On The Homepage
After using the readmore facilities, other ways that you can use that is putting our article on the homepage of our blog is not more than 10. This is to prevent access to the burden of excessive blog.

Hopefully this atikel useful, do not forget to comment

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