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Changing Blog Become a Dofollow Blog

As we know, nofollow and dofollow attributes (read : Differences Nofollow and Dofollow Attribute) is a system in which these attributes determine the criteria or characteristics of your blog.
Changing Blog Become a Dofollow Blog | Sharing SEO
To Be A Dofollow Blog

After a few posts I am busy with understanding the nofollow attribute, including articles about the Nofollow Attribute Comments On Your Blog (read : Nofollow Attribute Comments On Your Blog) and also an article about Nofollow Tags Add To All Your Blogger Label Links (read : Add Nofollow Tags To All your Blogger Label Links). So for this post lets discuss about the dofollow.

Create a blog into dofollow means giving power to the google to search further each link that he found in your comments. In another sense you will give gifts of backlinks to your blog commentator. Top reasons why so many bloggers who are interested in commenting on your blogs to get backlinks.

  1. From blogger dashboard, go to Templates, then click EDIT HTML
  2. Dont forget to give checklish on "Expand Widget Templates", then search this code:
  3. 'data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'
  4. Delete the code rel="nofollow" (Red Text)
  5. Then Save Your Job. 
Hopefully this article useful for you.

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