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Solution Before Submit Articles To Vlog

Hello Sobat bloggers, how are you ?, I'm hopefully in good condition always. Ok, in this post I will tell the solution if you want to submit article to Vlog. On the my previous articles I have posted about how to Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Vlog (Read: Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Vlog).

The first Solution is, when you will submit an article try submitting more than 2 articles (Because all this time I submit an article was never received, and I try to articles submitted more than 2 turns in receiving one, whereas the same article - Insya Allah).

We will post / submit an article we try to differ with the article title postingannya we are. Try and submit content to be in approximately 60% of the original article, try the first paragraph is different from the original articles our blog.

why, for example, this happened on my blog one more (Khamardos Blog). At the time I submit an article on "The Minor Differences Pagerank Update and Major". Then when I search using google with the keywords "Update Pagerank The Minor and Major" turned out to be above Vlog Website. Are like we know, fear will take the loser of our blog is the result Vlog copy and paste from the blog Vlog Such (Read: Google Algorithm Panda Latest From Google).

Hopefully the above article useful to you, and do not forget to comment... Thanks ... 


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