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Setting The Geographic Target For Your Blog

In the blogging world, we must require visitors to the blog that aims to read our blog. There are several ways to obtain the end of our blog, such as through search engines, classified ads such as vlog (read: Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Vlog), and many more ways we can do.
ChooseSetting Your Geoagraphic Target | Sharing SEO

Came a question of which countries visitors to your blog, maybe some of you want your blog to go international, keep in mind that the Geographic Targeting is very important to more specifically determine where your blog visitors are coming from. Are like we know, if you are in the country of Indonesia when you want to access it directly domain that originally (dot)com turns into (dot)co(dot)id due to the location of access you are in Indonesia.

Geographic Targeting why is Important for your blog?, it is because the Geographic Target we will be more concentration in determining our blog traffic, if your blog is in Indonesian language, Please Setting the Geographic Target of your blog to Indonesia, to better compete in Indonesia specifically. Similarly to other countries. The following is a way of setting your blog Geographic Target in Google webmasters tool :
  1. Go to the Google Webmasters Tools
  2. On the left sidebar, click the Site Configuration
  3. Click Settings
  4. In Geoagraphic Target, Select the country into Geoagraphic Target your blog (for example : Indonesia)
  5. Then Click Save.

Hopefully this article helpful for you.

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