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Differences Nofollow and Dofollow Attribute

Some cases may be much questioned about the use of nofollow and dofollow attribute. For example in my previous post about using the nofollow attribute on All Your Blogger Label Links (read: Nofollow Tags Add To All Your Blogger Label Links).
Differences Nofollow and Dofollow Attribute With Its Benefits | Sharing SEO
Then what is the difference of the nofollow and dofollow?

Nofollow Attribute
Nofollow is an attribute that is used on a link or links. The function of the nofollow tag is to govern the search engine spiders not to identify links that use the tag, as part of an existing link on a blog / web.

Another function of the nofollow tag is that it can be said to be important is to keep the Pagerank value of a blog. Because if the nofollow attribute is omitted, then every link on your blog / website link will be considered legitimate by the search engines. The problem is, if all links are considered legitimate by search engines, could be a blog / website is considered "link farms", So the Pagerank value of a blog / web will be dropped.

It is important that we need to know the use of incoming links that have more than the outgoing links, your blog link out if more than incoming links then google will think your blog is not qualified. So, here is the function we can use the nofollow attribute.

Dofollow Attribute
Dofollow is the opposite of nofollow. This DoFollow tag, can be regarded as a way to share the pagerank blog / website to others. In other words, a blog that uses dofollow tag is a way to increase pagerank. In essence, the tag serves to govern this dofollow search engine to make links that use the tag as legitimate links (backlinks - read : Kinds of Backlinks In The Blogging World).

Any good blogs that use blogger or wordpress, the default use the nofollow tag on any incoming comments. Perhaps it is deliberately applied in order to prevent spam from entering any comments. There is no prohibition if the blog owner wants to change his comments to dofollow, but before you turn it into dofollow, it helps you think about it carefully to losses and gains to be had. The problem of loss you probably already know because I have written above. while speech problems advantages if you use dofollow tag in your blog, so get ready aja received many comments.

Ok, I hope this information is useful to you, do not forget to comment.

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