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The Reason Why Google Plus Better Than Facebook

As you know, Google plus the already released by google to the public (read: Google Plus Already Open to the Public, Please Sign Up Now!) Will certainly be a big competitor for the other major social media like Facebook. Of course Facebook has a great beginning, but there are some good reasons for people to seriously leave Facebook to Google plus (Google+).
The Reason Why Google Plus Better Than Facebook | Sharing SEO

If in the my previous post, I have discussed about the main features and the flagship of google plus (read: Excellent Plus Features of Google (Google +)), of course you will know there are some features that are not owned by current Facebook, ranging from video call facility, cicles better, and others.

To better understand the essence of my posting this time, here are some reasons that I can conclude why google plus better than facebook :

1. Integration With All Google Services
Exceptional integration of google is the main support plus why google is better. This means that Google will build Google plus's features and equipment to almost all of online services by google, ranging from the search files to Video. That way, promotions and anything to do with google plus to be seen if we use a product from google.

2. Management Better Friendships
Of course you already know the features of Google plus Cicle on friendship. This is one of the principle of google where the friends used the concept of an almost real to real life. We have many kind friends, and we interact and communicate with them in different ways. Using it is also very easy and simple, so we will easily find and classify our friends.

3. Easier To Share
To this point we discuss the Spark feature from google plus. Spark is where the Google search engine brought up to do something that can not be made up which gives users instant flow of information relevant to share with our friends. Since Facebook does not have a search engine, users must leave the site looking for data that can be divided or waiting for their friends to share it with them.

4. Google Better Care of Your Personal Data
If you see, now a lot of the problems faced by the user about the security of his account. In my opinion, though arguably not true 100%, Average facebook account has been Hacking by People who are not Responsible for the privacy issue That Is not maximum account by facebook.

5. Easy to Give Label For Our Photos
When viewing images on Google + you can label the name of the people in it like on Facebook. You make a small square around their faces, and then typing their name in the box below or choose one of the guessed name Google +. But there are big differences in which Google handles aspects of privacy in the label image. When you label someone, there will be a record like this "Adding a label it should tell people that you label it. They can be related photos and albums". Google has also decided to slightly embarrassed to use facial recognition software, which now use Facebook to automatically identify people in the photo albums uploaded to the user.

Maybe that's all I can share the information for this post, I hope this information is useful for you to switch to google plus. Do not forget cirles plus my google account:


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