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Excellent Features of Google Plus (Google +)

If in the my previous post, we already know about google plus (read: About Google Plus (Google +)) and immediately joined, because google plus publis is now in general to all Internet users (read: Google Plus Already Open to the Public, Please Sign Up Now!). If you still do not know what are the excellent features of google plus that makes better and different from other social networks, among others:

Excellent Features of Google Plus (Google +) | Sharing SEO

1. Automatic Circles
If the Facebook we can not classify your friends in our social media, then this is the advantage of the features possessed by google plus. Features different from other social network features, with features on google plus Circles can be grouped directly friends, acquaintances, family, and others in a loop.

2. Huddle
Huddle is a feature available for Android, iPhone, SMS and devices to communicate via instant messaging in Circles. You can chat with friends in the circle of your easy and convenient. This feature is not on facebook so that is what makes google plus superior in terms of these features.

3. Hangouts
This feature uses video technology to a new social media. In matters of chat chat, google plus more superior than facebook. With this feature you can chat with a chat in your circles (maximum 10 people) live / direct, this one feature would be an innovation where users can chat face to face manner.

4. Sparks
Sparks was featured as a search engine to give users an instant and accurate information. With this feature, you do not need to get out of social networking google plus more, because in it there is a search engine which you can use at any time to be divided or kept alone.

5. Instant Upload Photo
This feature is a feature that can do creativity to upload photos by adding funny commentary on the photo. In addition to upload photos of an easy, photo slide show on google plus, supported by picasa also very interesting to look at.

And many more features that we can use in google plus. For that, let's join with google plus now. Hopefully this informas useful, enjoy.

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