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Google Plus Already Open to The Public, Please Sign Up Now!

If in the my previous post about what is it Google Plus (Google +) ? (Read: About Google Plus (Google +)). As I've said in my previous post about google plus, that in order to register google plus you need a invite from a friend or google to email gmeil yours.

Google plus already open to the public | Sharing SEO
Vic Gundotra of Google wrote a post on the Official Google Blog about 99 improvements made since Google plus (+ Google) was launched: "We're ready to move from field trials to beta, and introduce our 100th feature: open signups. We are ready to move from field to the beta trial, and introducing our 100 features: open signups," said Vic. Previously Google has announced a new way to invite your friends to Google plus (Google +) through a link that can be placed to be shared across social networking sites.

Now Google plus (Google +) are available to everyone, meaning everyone was able to access it without needing to be invited. So, for now is whether the presence of Google plus (Google +) for all these people, can again increase interest or in other words, users can further increase the number of Google plus Users ? This breakthrough or even make Google plus (Google +) is getting drowned as a social networking site? We look forward to what further information and updates to keep to this blog, Sharing SEO's blog.

For those of you who already have a google account plus, do not forget cirle plus my google account:
Muhammad Mufid Luthfi On Google Plus
Thank you for your attention, do not forget his comments.

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