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Submit and Verification Your Blog to Alexa

Hello Sobat bloggers, How are you on the first day of this fast? hopefully running smoothly, amiiinnnn ...

Ok in this post I wanted to post about how to claim / verification Blog at Alexa. In my previous posts, I've talked about in Yahoo Submit and Verification (read: Submit and Verification Your Blog to Yahoo) and Google (read: Submit and Verification Your Blog to Google).

Submit and Verification Your Blog to Alexa | Sharing SEOWell we just practice, you just follow the tutorial below:
1. First, please click the link below to go to
2. You will go to the registration form. Fill in the form provided, if it please click on Register.
3. You will get a message to check your email. Open up your email, you will get the login information there.
4. If it is (for those who have previously registered) please click to log in to
5. Click Claim Your Site

6. Enter Your Site and click the button to the right, Claim Your Site
7. You will dihadapakan on two options.  

    I use the second way ie insert meta tag into the template code Alexa.  
    Enter the first meta tag that you get and put under <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/> then save your template. If you have already entered alexa meta tag then you then click the Verify My Meta Tags.

How? has been successfully ... This article may be useful ... Do not forget to comment and give me +1 for this article .... Thanks ... 

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