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In the my previous post I have posted about Manipulation Heading Tags For Your Blog (read : Manipulation Heading Tags For Your Blog). To find out the results of our manipulation Heading Tags For a successful blog, you can examine it using a few add-ons mozilla facility below:
SEO Optimization Tools for SEO | Sharing SEO

Add-ons Mozilla SEO Doctor will give  SEO Score assesses your with the criteria:

* Page indexable: whether the web pages indexed
* Meta Description: Meta description whether there
* H1 and H2 tags: There is an H1 and H2
* ALT Image Tag: is there a picture that has the ALT tag

SEO Optimization Tools for SEO | Sharing SEO
* SEO Friendly URLs: URLs menganduk certain key words
* Title Tag: keyword factor, the number of characters, a duplicate title
* Number of links: count the number of links on the page, ideally less than 100.
* Page Rank Flow (count outgoing links to other sites than the internal links, if all the links lead to other sites then the Page rank Flow = 0%. If any backlinks that have led to its own domain, aka internal links then the value of Page
* Loading time: measuring the speed of loading opening pages of the site
* Web analytics: whether the site has been installed google analytics

SEO Optimization Tools for SEO | Sharing SEO
SEO Quake
SEO Quake features quite a bit of analysis and the complex is actually very useful. SEO Quake is a Mozilla add-ons of the most popular and most in demand by SEO enthusiasts. The main benefits are:

Knowing the website SEO analysis in the search results
Iif you install successful then any keyword to search on google will emerge from the website seo analysis of search results. 

Browser plugins add ons mozilla seo SEO firefoxDari data that appears we can know whether the keywords that we were after heavy or not a rival. When foreign rivals keywordnya we need to check also with the help of global google.

Website keyword density analysis
When you open a page on the site (could also below) the mozilla browser toolbar will appear SEO Quake. If you notice on the toolbar is there anyway to measure the density of certain keywords plus its density.

Add ons seo plugin mozilla firefox browser
Information about the density will appear on the new page. For other menus please exxxplorasi own example open the Tools menu -> SEO Quake.

 Hopefully the above information useful for my friend, Good work ...

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