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Get the Approved Google Adsense With Indyarocks

In previous posts I've talked about what it is google adsense (Read: Offers From Google Ads, Google Adsense). Having previously Join the google adsense through Flixya (read: Get the Approved Google Adsense with Flixya), for this post I'll post about how to Get the Approved Google Adsense Via Indyarocks.

Preparation Step (Important):
- 3 blog posts in English, Please search on google (Remember to be english)
- Prepare 15 more pictures. please upload the pictures that are on your computer
- Make a new email in Gmail (Recommended)
- Secondary Email Should not be filled (Recommendations) Because if filled out and email it never registered with google adsense (Rejected Google Adsense), you are Likely to be rejected adsense.
After all preparation is complete, then go to the following steps:
Get the Approved Google Adsense With Indyarocks | Sharing SEO
  • Sign in to
  • Look for the SIGN UP button and click the join button now.
  • Fill out the registration form has been provided with the requested data
  • If you already Locate and click the "I Will do it Latter"
  • No need to have direct confirmation email Complete your profile, then click Tab (menu) Option -> Edit Profile 
  • Fill out all required forms ranging from Basic - Personal - Lifestyle - Professional - Account Settings, do not forget your profile photo  
  • Now click Tab (menu) Photos -> Upload Photos, Create albums and upload 15 pictures that have been prepared  
  • After that posting three articles that have been prepared, Mouse on the Media menu. 
  • On the submenu click Menu Write Blogs and search blogs. please post if you have found your article.   
  • After all of the above process is completed then the profile you've reached 50% (Regulation of Indyarock to get a google adsense account) 
  • Go to the Home Page, look at the left tab, click on "Earnings (Google AdSense)" 
  • Then click the button "Click here to see your Eligibility?" To see if your account can sign up for a google adsense account.  
  • If it is and get permission, click the "Start Earning" - If it Just click Next, until the question "Do you already have a google adsense account?", Click "No" Then Enter Your Email Create new gmail earlier and click Next
  • Please check your email inbox gmail you just enter, there you will get an email from google adsense. Open the verification email from google adsense and follow the instructions requested and click the link provided google adsense you will be brought to the stage of filling the data on google adsense. 
  • So fill it properly. Select the first Individually Then The Most Important Choose This Google adsense Do not forget to select "Yes" on the "Allow To Access My Account" proceed by clicking the "Submit information" 
  • Remember, be very careful in filling in the form of google adsense. Make no mistake.
  • If it is correct just click the "Create Account" Put a checklist of all and click "I Accept" 
  • Now you're just waiting for an email approval from google adsense.

If you still do not understand, Lets see the video tutorial Hot to sign up google adsense with indyarocks below :

Adsense Hopefully you can be approved, approved time varies. Hopefully my friend received. 

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