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Problem On Google Adsense in Indonesia Language Blog

In my previous post I had my previous post about what it is google adsense (Read: Offers From Google Ads, Google Adsense) and how to get google adsense through Flixya (Read: Get the Approved Google Adsense With Flixya) or Indyarocks (Read: Get the Google Adsense Approved With Indyarocks).

In this post I will share the experience that usually occurs on blogs in Indonesian. Installing Google adsense on a blog in Indonesian may still not be too valid for google adsense. Here is the proof we can see on the blogs that speak english, google adsense always appear anywhere in the place google adsense. this is inversely proportional to the blog with the Indonesian-language articles.

In the blog article in Indonesian mounted google adsense, advertising does not always appear on the blog, I still do not know why that is, what may be due to google adsense does not support the full article in Indonesian? No, there is some evidence that many of my friends blogs who  I visited her blog with lovely google adsense appear in the sidebar, article and the other on their blogs. In contrast to my blog article in Indonesian (KhamarDos Blog) Google adsense which I attach to the right of the header is rarely appear.

Of course this is a loss to end up like my blog, I hope there is a friend who knows how solution, Don't forget to comment... Thanks ...


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