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Get the Approved Google Adsense With Flixya

In previous posts I've talked about what it is google adsense (Read: Offers From Google Ads, Google Adsense). Now I will post how to obtain an account from google adsense.

Things we need to know here is, sign up for google adsense is actually not easy. It's hard because when our blog Indonesian-language article is a little difficult approve by google. Another factor that is not qualified by google adsense so that our request to sign up for google adsense is always rejected. easy because our blog meets all the terms and conditions of google.

In the here, there is one solution on how to register with google adsense with Flixya's Applications. Flixya is a video sharing site, photos and blog articles whose cooperate with Google. So google adsense rate blogs, videos and photos on Flixya Adsense for us. With Flixya, google adsense can be approved more quickly. Simply to do the following:

Preparation Step (Important):
- Prepare 3 Articles Blog in English Language, 4 Video (Can be searched on youtube), 3 images.
- Make a new email in Gmail (Recommended)
- Secondary Email should not be filled (Recommendations), because if filled out and email it never registered with google adsense (Rejected Google Adsense), you are likely to be rejected adsense.

After the preparation step is complete, and you already have a Gmail account, then go to step below.

Registration step Flixya and Adsense
  1. First, go to the Flixya.comGet the Approved Google Adsense With Flixya
  2. Please Sign up, fill out the registration form to the data mate, and that already use the new email list above (which is already registered just now)
  3. When finished, check your email for verification Flixya
  4. Once you are registered with Flixya, you must share at least 10 pictures / video / blog (articles)
  5. Because we have previously prepared with 3 images, 4 videos, 3 blog posts in English, then share it in the add acticle, add video, add picture (To reach a minimum of 10)
  6. Once you've shared at least 10 articles / photos / videos, you will instantly be sent the registration form google adsense, please enter a new email on the form before registration google adsense on Flixya, then check your email inbox, there is a message from google adsense to get sign up google adsense, please register as usual, the contents of the data itself in accordance with your ID card.
  7. Once the list of google adsense, please wait for notification from google.

Adsense Hopefully you can be approved, approved time varies. Hopefully my friend received.

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