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Knowing The Main Facilities of Google Analytics

In blogging world, of course we need that will read the end of our blog posts are. In the my previous post. I already sharing understanding and google analytics functions and how to put it on our blog (read: Installer Google Analytics On Your Blog).

Knowing The Main Facilities of Google Analytics | Sharing SEOIf you still do not really know the use of google analytics, google analytics is a laporang about the development of our blog and monitor the performance of our blog. There are many facilities provided by google analytics, of which we can monitor the end of our blog, optimizing your blog to maximize the development of traffic on our blogs, and analyze the keywords that are the main weapon to get many visitors to the our blog. Here is a picture of what tools are generally available in google analytics:

1. Visitor
In this part of Google Analytics, you can see a variety of specific information your visitors. You can see what type of browser used by visitors to find your website as well as other matters such as connection speed and type of mobile devices used by visitors to your website when they're visiting your website. Often times the website or the function of a website will appear differently in other browsers. This will give you a better understanding to know what elements you need to use on your website to make sure things are consistent across platforms or browsers. Information in this section is given in such a way and specifically to monitor the progress of your blog visitors.

2. Traffic Sources
In this section, Google Analytics will show you what keywords into your weapon to gain visitors, as well as websites that refer to your website. You will really need this information as a measurement tool and as an excuse to continue to improve website performance anda.Pada this section you can see the position your website on search engines, keywords used on search engines that refer to your site and how long visitors are visiting the blog you.

3. Content
Content This section covers the loading speed of your website, Google Analytics In this section allows you to find your pageview number. This will help you to target the various elements on a particular page in order to maximize overall efficiency.

That's all I can share for this post, may be useful for you.

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