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Use The URL of The Blog Post As a Keyword

In my previous posts I've been sharing how to Optimizing Your Blog As Keywords Titles (read: Optimizing Your Blog As Keywords Titles). Now, you can also use the URL of your blog post as a particular keyword.

The point here is, you must be clever in choosing a post title that is often sought by visitors on search engines like google and yahoo. Because, if you managed to create a good post title, then you also managed to create a nice URL post blog too. It certainly increases the chances that the keywords that we shoot is at number 1 on google and yahoo search engines.

For example, someone looking for an information about "Maximizing image using the alt tag", it is because the structure of my article urls like: accompanied with a similar title with the keywords so that my article is ranked a google search engine to go to the article about Maximizing Image Using the "alt" Tag For Your Blog (read : Maximizing Image Using the "alt" Tag For Your Blog).

For Preview :
Use The URL of The Blog Post As a Keyword | Sharing SEO

Good tips when you get a nice url, when creating a blog article you use a good post title and not too long or repeating the same word. If your article uses a long title, so publish first with a title that can be used as keywords to the url of your blog post, then edit the article again and change the title of a new post that.

Hopefully this article useful, and do not forget to give your comments.

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