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A backlink is a link-entry (link-in) to your website / blog belong to us. Backlink is located within a web page, other people's blogs. If your site / blog we have a lot of backlinks, indicating that many other sites linked to our blog site. And elements of SEO will be very important for bloggers who want a high-rank sites, as well as commercial websites. (read article: Kinds of Backlinks In The Blogging World)

Well, if you blog, including the above categories, and it turns out the value of this parameter is low, then the friend can concentrate more on increasing the number of backlinks, for example by doing a lot of link-exchange (Exchange Link).

How To Use This Tools
1. Enter the URL address of web / blog are scanned into a text-box (eg:
2. Click the [Check] button
The result is the url of the site that includes link-outs to our blog, which will be displayed in a table. The back of the url address will be able to take a look at site-rank of the sites mentioned

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