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Kinds of Backlinks In The Blogging World

In previous posts I've been sharing about Tips Use the On Page SEO Techniques to your blog (read: Tips Use the On Page SEO Techniques) and about providing the benefits provided from the Optimization On page SEO (read: Benefit of On-Page SEO Techniques for Your Website). Furthermore, for this post I want to share a little about the kinds of backlinks.
Kinds of Backlinks In Blogging World | Sharing SEO
"Get Backlink"

Backlink is a link placement of a website / blog to our blog, many ways that we can do to get these backlinks, one of the easiest is a link exchange or link exchange. Link exchange is the easiest and simplest way to get inbound links (backlinks). We only offer to other bloggers to exchange links. Moreover, if we exchange links with those who have a higher pagerank. Automatic blog little by little we will also be "Up".

Well, there are several kinds baclink, the following kinds of backlinks are common:

1. Link One Way (One-way linking)
Kinds of Backlinks In Blogging World - Link One Way (One-way linking)| Sharing SEO
One-way links occur when a web / blog A (henceforth we specialize to the blog anyway) put a link to the blog B. This means that B has an inbound blog links. One-way links is the most reliable way to make search engines glance at our blog. If you have a lot of links like this then Google will assume your blog is a blog that quality, because many other blogs that refer to your blog, because so valuable one way links is, arguably is not easy to get it. The easiest way is by commenting on dofollow blogs. But the way Google is less desirable, especially if we live blog last link has nothing to do with our blog. How to get a quality one-way links is by creating quality content, so our blog will become a place of reference from other blogs and many bloggers are willing to include a link that is the source of their articles to our blog. If you want to get One Way Link this please see How Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Vlog (read : Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Vlog) to get quality one way links

2. Link Two Way (Reciprocal two-way links)
Kinds of Backlinks In Blogging World - Link Two Way (Reciprocal two-way links) | Sharing SEO
If the type of link this one I'm sure you sumua do. Link two-way we can get by exchanging links. Blog A blog posted a link to B, while B put a link to the blog blog A. Two-way link can be beneficial for us, but can also harm. When the two blogs that have the same quality (in this case be seen from the pagerank) then it does not matter if both the blog link exchange. However, if two blogs with different quality (different PR) to exchange links, then the blog with a lower PR will be benefited. In addition, Google also does not always take into account the two-way link between two blogs. Google can just ignore these two-way link and make a PR of each blog "stay put" even have exchanged links with many blogs. One reason is because the links were not relevant to exchange with each other. If you want to link exchange with this blog please contact me at Exchange link.

3. Link Three Direction (Three-way links)
Kinds of Backlinks In Blogging World - Link Three Direction (Three-way links)| Sharing SEO

To link this one probably many of you who have never done. In a three-way link this process is: Blog A and B belong to the blog of one person, eg the Z. The Z asked the blog owner C to put a link to the blog that Z - B, and instead he put a link (z) to blog C. From the scheme it appears that the Z tries to optimize his blog B. This method can be are used to get around to getting one-way links.

4. Link Four Directions (Four-way links)
Kinds of Backlinks In Blogging World - Link Four Directions (Four-way links)| Sharing SEO
If Link Four Directions is actually tantamount to Link Three Directions, only the blog owner C has one more blog of blogs D. So the exchange of cross between a blog owned by him of bloggers. Same purpose, namely to acquire Link One Direction.

5. Ring Links
Kinds of Backlinks In Blogging World - Ring Links | Sharing SEO
Links Ring happens when four or more blogs posted a link to each other by sequence. A Blog B blog posted a link, blog B C posted a link blog, blog blog posted a link D C, D and finally blog posted a link back to blog A. This type of link is also aiming to get one-way links that look natural by Google. If you have a lot of blogs then make a ring like this Links to optimize each blog belongs to you.

Of all the various links that I have described, Link Two-Way remains the most popular solution for getting backlinks. But one thing to note about these two-way link. Blogs that link exchange should have a theme or topics that are relevant to each other. That way Google will account for two-way link and will be an effective means to improve pagerank our blog.


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