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Optimizing Your Blog Titles As Keywords

In my previous posts I've been sharing and how to optimize the speed of a good blog for access to our blog visitors (read: Check the Speed ​​of Your Blog). Now, we will discuss how important the title of our blog to further optimize our blog keywords on search engines, etc.

Optimizing Your Blog Titles As Keywords | Sharing SEOAs we know, the title of our blog is a brand or a characteristic that is owned by the blog. For example the title of this blog is "Sharing SEO | Information Tips Tricks Tutorials About SEO and Blog", so the blog title that I made it the brand or the hallmark of my blog is "sharing the SEO". So obviously, sharing SEO keyword here is that I reinforced to achieve rated first page of google. Another example that we can take, I have a blog with a brand "Khamardos Blog". So, for this case I increase the keyword is "Khamardos Blog" too.

Why the blog title (Brand) is so important for us ? , Examples of benefits that have a major influence of the brand that is sitelink (Insya Allah will be discussed at the next post), by improving the quality of our brand that we've done a google sitelink tips on how to obtain easily.

How to make a good blog title for our blog? Tips fundamental here is how do we create a word that is logical, correct, and not hard to be remembered by visitors. For example this blog brand "Sharing SEO | Information Tips Tricks Tutorials About SEO and Blog", so it is clear from the brand we know that my blog is delivering a variety of info, tips and tricks and tutorials about seo and blog for the readers.

Another example, never use the attributes (except the comma (,), and the vertical line (|)), numbers, symbols, and so forth in the title of our blog. It is clear, because in its use to use a brand that is memorable and simple for visitors. Some blogs that I met, many use the phrase "Welcome to ...". "Hello ..." etc. in the use of his blog title, I think it is less effective because of competition for those keywords I think it is very difficult, and visitors are also rare to find keywords with the word.

There is one important tips in improving the title of our blog is to emphasize the title of our posts. The point here is our post title includes us as our blog title, it could certainly improve the quality of our posts as well. For these tips I've discussed it in my post about the Swap Blog Title with Post Title in Blogspot (Please read).

Hopefully this time my article useful to you, do not forget to comment if there is something to ask.


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