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Understanding The TOS (Terms of Service) From Google

In the my previous post Sharing SEO blog has been Sharing information about How to Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings With a Good layout / theme (read: Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings With Good Layout). But before understanding more about google adsense (read: Offers From Google Ads, Google Adsense), we must first understand the rules of the TOS (Terms of Service) from google.

Understanding The TOS (Terms of Service) From Google | Sharing SEO
TOS (Terms of Service)
TOS (Terms of Service) from Google, which is an agreement for the members. So by studying the TOS (Terms of Service) I hope you will become acquainted with the applicable rules and precautions to avoid banned by google. Ok, here's a general picture of the TOS (Terms of Service) from google that I read from various sources of information I get from google :

  1. Do not ever click on your own ads
  2. Do not ever change your Google Adsense's code
  3. Google is not allowing you to display ads more than 3 adsense
  4. All your data is secret.
  5. You can put Adsense ads from different accounts in 1 blog, or another blog from an account
  6. Never gave the description above anything your Adsense ads.
  7. You may not frame ads open in another window.
  8. You are allowed to put ads from other providers, in addition to Google Adsense.
  9. Do not ever reconcile with the image or Flash Adsense
  10. As much Maybe Never do Click Farm, If you are not expert.
  11. Do not increase the Impressions Blog with the help of third parties.
  12. AdSense Referral like Firefox, Google Pack, and others may be installed at page blank / no content though.
  13. Not allowed to put Adsense in Blogs AGC, Is it just a keyword search or alone.
  14. Do not Use Pop-up or pop-unders.
  15. Prohibited from using MFA or Adsense Arbitrage.
  16. Do not use any trick to fool the visitors to your blog.
  17. Do not use your ad code for widgets or whatever.
  18. Adsense publisher may post advertisements and referral buttons on the page error (404) and registration page.
  19. Adsense for search may be mounted on the blank page / no content though.
  20. If a taxable account banned, all accumulated funds saved, would disumbangakn to charity by google adsense.
  21. Adsense publisher is expected to include / create a privacy policy page that states that a web visitor data / blogs stored in cokie google adsense ads.
  22. Do not name the title of a label or anything to bring other people clicked your google adsense ads.
  23. Do not use any other ad service providers.
  24. Never insert or put google adsense adjacent to the image.
  25. Do not do click together / exchange clicks.
  26. Do not install google adsense on the email that we send.
  27. etc ...

Hopefully this information is useful to you, if you do not understand please ask in the comment form below, and if any of you please tampabahan notified via the comment form below this post.


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