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This tool will be very useful to determine the key words (keywords) are most suitable for a web page / blog, so that the keyword is really effective to "capture" visitor. Or it could also serve as a guide in conducting a text-editing of content in a web page / blog. So the content becomes more "visitor-friendly", and more easily found in search engines.

How To Use This Tool :
1. Enter the URL address of web pages / blogs that will be resolved most appropriate keywords based on its text-content.
2. Press the "Check" button.
The result will be performing a collection of keywords from the blog-content (posts) us, in different font sizes. Words (keywords) are most easily found will appear in the largest font size. the smaller the font size means it will be increasingly hard to find when used as a keyword.

In this way we can assess whether our text-content SEO friendly or not. Furthermore, we can edit it further in order to be better in terms of SEO.

Not having to follow exactly who offered this tool, because the selection of keywords really be called an "art". So, what is the "offer" heart-friendly content (filling), also need to be heard.

Enter website address to analyze: http://

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